Gender Preferred


Gender Preferred focuses on the lived experiences of transgender children, youth, adults, and the families/allies who support them.
At the core of the documentary we meet 8-year-old Danielle,
a transgendered girl, and witness the transitions four generations are experiencing together (her brother, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother). Stories deal with mental health, transitions, rights, supports, friends, and family and insights into the gender queer and two-spirit experience. 

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Heartspeak is a vehicle to spark dialogue and creative expression with the goal to share, educate, and make a difference.

Youth take centre stage on Heartspeak to share their insights, experiences and talents to inspire us all to action—to improve our relationships, school, home and community lives.

The expanding Heartspeak library covers topics such as

  1. indigenous/aboriginal peoples

  2. gender identity

  3. bullying

  4. eating disorders

  5. transitions to post-secondary education

  6. relationships with:

  7. family (parents/siblings/extended/blended families)

  8. peers

  9. mentors/finding role models

  10. teachers

  11. depression/anxiety

  12. mental health

  13. violence/sexual assault

  14. learning disabilities

  15. coping with loss/illness/injury

  16. and more

Dare to Stand Out

Canada’s National Gender & Sexual Minorities Service Providers Summit (Jer’s Vision)

Highlights of presentations/workshops, panel discussions include: Jeremy Dias, Founder, Jer’s Vision; Barbara Hall, Chief Commissioner, Province of Ontario’s Human Rights Commission; Andrea Luey, Justice for Children & Youth, Evolving Role of Police in the Gender & Sexual Minority Community, and more.

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LGBTQ Rights in Schools

Panel discussion hosted by Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Learn about student rights and responsibilities of school administrators/teachers.

The 40-minute video features panel discussion with Andrea Luey, lawyer, Justice for Children & Youth, specializing in education law; Christopher Karas, high school student who filed a human rights complaint against his school for discrimination on basis of sexual orientation; Andrea Houston, journalist/activist for LGBTQ/youth rights; Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, Equality Program Director, Canadian Civil Liberties Association.
A WorldPride Affiliate Event.


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Proceeds from all Heartspeak DVDs, workshops, presentations and screenings will support Heartspeak programs.

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Break the Silence: Voices & Victories from LGBTI Movements Worldwide


This 50 minute video (2 parts) features panel discussion with
Mariela Castro Espín (CUBA), Cuban National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX), Mojalife Mokoele, Sexual Rights Centre (SRC), ZIMBABWE, Nguyen Hai Yen, Centre for Research Innovation Communication & Services on Sexuality (ICS), VIETNAM, Warren Greene, OAHAS (Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy), moderator, Ty Smith, Egale Canada. A WorldPride Affiliate Event hosted by OXFAM CANADA.


WorldPride Human Rights Conference

Hosted at the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, University of Toronto

Workshop highlights include:

1. Religious Identity/Religious Discrimination: Minhee Ryu (SOUTH KOREA); Davis Mac-Olyalla (UK); Rev. Brent Hawkes (CANADA), Momin Rahman/David Rayside (CANADA)

2. Assessing the Needs of LGBTQ Youth—Sharing Good Practices: features Jan Bridget (UK)

3. Responses to LGBTQ2 Youth Homelessness: panel guests: Jama Shelton (USA), Yvonne McCalla (JAMAICA), Jerry Peterson (USA)

4. Workshop Highlights and Celebrations (Includes historical same-sex wedding at Casa Loma)

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Part 1

Complete Set

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Gender, Pride, and Resilience

Dealing with school-life experiences, challenges (mental health, stigma, bullying, abuse, alienation, depression, suicide and loss), supports, encouragement, rights, the value of giving back and sharing stories, Gender, Pride & Resilience features a collective of local and international voices sharing lessons from the heart and poignant insights related to the lived LGBTQI experiences of children, youth, young adults, families, and allies. Taking us on a journey inside, family members, and allies call us to embrace our common humanity across our schools, homes, workplace and communities.

What viewers/teachers are saying

  1. essential for sensitivity training for the entire school community
    about LGBTQI issues

  2. it’s so impactful to hear from the youth and their own personal

  3. emphasizes our need for human empathy, understanding
    and compassion

  4. the importance of a significant adult or ally—the difference
    one person can make

  5. whole staff should hear this message so they can be more attentive

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Becoming Sarah

This new Heartspeak documentary features Sarah, formerly John—father and community college professor—as she approaches and lives out her life-changing decision to embrace her identity and live as a woman in the workplace at age 65! Sarah, her family, grown children, and colleagues, share teachable moments as they learn through this transgender experience at home and work.

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Workshops/Presentations available on subject matter from all DVDs
Includes screening, Q&A with documentary filmmaker Shelley Steele, and panel discussion.

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The Pronoun Project

The Pronoun Project by Heartspeak provides an opportunity to increase your sensitivity about the issues related to gender and use of preferred pronouns. Listen and learn through lived experiences.

It's a chance for your organization, school community to talk about gender and pronouns. Deepen awareness through lived experiences, explore the the issues, and discover how we can support one another in mutual respect.

Workshops include screening of The Pronoun Project DVD, experiential activities, and panel discussion where possible.

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