Who Needs Heartspeak?

  1. All those who interact with youth on the front lines (e.g. educators, classmates, parents, school staff, social workers, community support workers) need easy-to-use, bite-sized, video-based tools to facilitate dialogue about critical issues facing youth today. These tools enable you to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, to share and learn what works and inspire improvement.

  2. Are you seeking a collaborative and innovative approach to engage and share solutions across your network?
    Consider featuring your lessons learned on Heartspeak

  3. Are you searching for an engaging vehicle/educational tool to support the delivery of system-wide goals? Heartspeak covers topics such as supporting safe and caring schools, school/community-based mental health initiatives, positive school climate, diversity, equity and inclusion, and accepting schools. This also includes School Improvement Planning for Student Achievement (SIPSA), Board Improvement Planning for Student Achievement (BIPSA)

Request a Heartspeak Workshop

Workshops include the screening of Heartspeak documentaries/short episodes; Q & A and discussion.


  1. Heartspeak about violence/bullying

  2. Heartspeak about Aboriginal issues

  3. Heartspeak about addictions & mental health

  4. Heartspeak about disabilities

  5. Heartspeak about gender issues (LGBTTQ)

  6. Heartspeak about poverty/homelessness/human trafficking

Heartspeak is listed on the
Ontario Ministry of Education’s Registry of Resources for Safe and Inclusive Schools

See the full article about Heartspeak in the Ontario Principals’ Council, The Register,
Leadership at the heart of the work

For a better tomorrow, Heartspeak today

Heartspeak is inspirational social & educational media.

Student voice and leadership are at the heart of the work.
I highly recommend Heartspeak.

Rhonda Polisuk, Principal of Blue Willow Public School in York Region

Heartspeak features lessons learned related to issues confronting youth today. Hundreds of Heartspeakers have shared their challenges and insights with Shelley Steele, founder of Heartspeak and documentary filmmaker.