A Course in Compassion


Each of the 15 lessons include:

• video clips (2–5 minutes) 

• Questions for Reflection and Discussion 

• Activity Suggestions (curriculum connections)

Audience: Students (grades 5–12, post-secondary programs supporting youth/families), teachers, school staff, parents, school-based mental health service providers


Heartspeak is a vehicle to spark dialogue and creative expression with the goal to share, educate, and make a difference.

Youth take centre stage on Heartspeak to share their insights, experiences and talents to inspire us all to action—to improve our relationships, school, home and community lives.

The expanding Heartspeak library covers topics such as

  1. indigenous/aboriginal peoples

  2. bullying

  3. eating disorders

  4. transitions to post-secondary education

  5. relationships with:

  6. family (parents/siblings/extended/blended families)

  7. peers

  8. mentors/finding role models

  9. teachers

  10. depression/anxiety

  11. mental health

  12. violence/sexual assault

  13. learning disabilities

  14. coping with loss/illness/injury

  15. and more

Proceeds from all Heartspeak products will support Heartspeak programs.

All prices include tax.

Heartspeak Premium will provide a series of evergreen lessons from the heart to cultivate compassion and caring within your class, staff or personal life. Lessons will be released via Heartspeak’s private YouTube channel.

After receipt of payment, you will be contacted by Heartspeak
to be granted access to Premium content.